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Published on 14 Jun 2023

Control the risks by using your LMRA!

La LMRA - Last Minute Risk Analysis - is a quick, general risk analysis. This usually takes no more than a minute and must be carried out before the task is completed. Moreover, it does not require any paperwork to be completed.

There are a number of steps to help you recognise whether or not there is a risk of accident.

Our LMRA-checklist

  1. Your task is clear and precise;
  2. You know the emergency numbers, fire alarms and assembly points;
  3. Your work area is sufficiently marked out or signposted (collective protective equipment).
  4. You have the required personal protective equipment (safety shoes, harness, work clothes, respiratory mask, hearing protection);
  5. Your accessory equipment (ladder, lift, scaffolding, tools) is suitable for the job;
  6. You have the necessary training and skills to carry out the task and use the equipment;
  7. You have taken all preventive measures to prevent people or objects from falling;
  8. You have correctly recorded (emptied, cleaned, ventilated, cooled, depressurised) all energy sources (heat, electricity, compressed air, gas, hydraulics, kinetic and potential energy);
  9. Electrical installations are de-energised or measures (direct contact protection, insulating tools, gloves, etc.) are taken in the event of work near live parts;
  10. You have a fire extinguisher nearby for hot work.

If at least one of the above conditions is not met, you must contact your line manager before starting the task.

How often should I have to conduct an LMRA?

The LMRA must be conducted:

  • Before any professional activity;
  • When resuming work after a long break;
  • When working conditions have changed.

For your own safety, always keep your LMRA in your wallet and apply it!

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