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ANPI, the certification mark, attests that "innovative" items or components not covered by other brands satisfy rigorous, pre-established rules.

ANPI approval may be obtained, among other things, for:

  • furnace extinguishing modules
  • fryer extinguishing modules
  • various extinguishing products and media

ANPI certification may be obtained, among other things, for:

  • Electronic products for burglary protection in buildings
  • Other products

ANPI certification rules "General rules of the ANPI brand" downloadable 


ANPI administrative rules anpi_-_admin_legal_rules_e_dd_20180216.pdf
ANPI Intrusion Products rules anpi_-_intrusion_products_rules_e_dd_20180216.pdf
ANPI Products General rules anpi_-_products_general_rules_dd_20210611_e.pdf
Appendix 8 for intrusion products anpi_-_intrusion_products_rules_appendix_8_e_dd20171212.pdf


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