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The INCERT committee continuously supervises certification and monitors the correct use of the INCERT seal.

It is headed by the CEB and is comprised of the main stakeholders on the safety market:

  • insurance companies (ASSURALIA),
  • insurance brokers (FEPRABEL),
  • consumer organisations (CRIOC),
  • certification bodies (including ANPI),
  • inspection bodies (ANPI among others),
  • professional federations of security companies and importers/manufacturers (ALIA),
  • manufacturers, importers and security companies themselves, etc.

The most recognised Belgian seal of approval for intrusion and theft prevention.
A mark with a great reputation outside of Belgium due to its performance, resulting in a drastic decrease in theft

INCERT (buildings, vehicles and remote surveillance centres) for:
• the performance of safety tests, audits and certification of electronic systems and components for theft and intrusion prevention.
• the audit and certification of theft and intrusion prevention systems and remote surveillance centres.

Laboratory tests

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