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Bacteriological measurement of extinguishing water

The presence of living bacteria in extinguishing water is nothing new. This can lead to microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). The problem is that certain types of bacteria may perforate the pipe network and lead to leaks in the installation. This may have terrible consequences on certain types of protection systems in locations such as shops where vegetables or other food products are on display. It also jeopardises the effectiveness of the installation and its ability to age well.

The chemical analysis covers 5 bacteria in particular:

  • HAB: Heterotrophic Aerobic Bacteria
  • APB: Acid Producing Bacteria
  • IRB: Iron Related Bacteria
  • SRB: Sulphate Reducing Bacteria
  • Slym: Slime Forming Bacteria

The analysis is conducted by specialised chemists in our laboratory.

This type of corrosion must therefore be detected as quickly as possible, in order to take the necessary measures and use products to stop the destructive process of this microbiological corrosion.

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