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Shared guidelines from the European prevention associations!

A collaborative approach to the prevention of and protection against fire, intrusion and natural risks.

Who are CFPA-Europe?

The Confederation of Fire Protection Associations Europe (CFPA-Europe) is an association of national bodies from around Europe working primarily in the field of prevention and protection, as well as the safety of persons and assets in the face of fire, theft, and other associated risks. 
ANPI is a Belgian member of CFPA-Europe.

Its aims:
International exchanges of information, directives, training and conferences.

Its publications:
The main directives are published in the form of "Guidelines", with over 50 currently available.

Most  recent guidelines about Security:
CFPA-E Guidelines No. 10:2016/S -  Protection of Business Intelligence
CFPA-E Guidelines No. 9:2016/S -  Recommendation for the Control of Metal Theft
CFPA-E Guidelines No. 8:2016/S -  Security in Schools

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