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Building intrusion is a relatively common crime. In addition to their valuables being stolen, it can potentially cause long-term anxiety  for the people whose homes were broken into.

A detection and alarm system is not only used to discourage the thief but more specifically, to signal any intrusion into the building.
Having a certified product is not an end in itself – you still need to know how to install it. 

That is why the ANPI Certification Division also certifies installers of building electronic alarm systems, according to the INCERT regulation and technical note T015-2.

  • Working with a trusted INCERT-certified partner means:
  • A professional design based on a risk analysis;
  • Certified products, which will remain reliable over time;
  • An installation carried out according to best practice;
  • A company offering quality services, even after the installation;
  • A certification scheme which includes supervision of certified installers.

Specialised companies are listed on

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