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For years now, theft and break-ins have been two contributing causes to feeling insecure in Belgium. These incidents have not only caused material damage, but also psychological issues for the victims.

The demand for better protection is has become higher, and the turnover in this market increases year after year. However, better protection is not ensured by an increased number of products on the market.

Know-how, technical competence, understanding and knowledge of real problems are also factors that help to achieve a good result.

The purpose of the S3 seal of approval is to guarantee the installation of a certified lock in accordance with best practice and, as a result, to increase the burglary resistance of façade components.

  • Working with a trusted S3-certified partner means:
  • A professional design based on a risk analysis;
  • Products which will remain reliable over time;
  • An installation carried out according to best practice;
  • A company offering quality services, even after the installation;
  • A certification scheme which includes supervision of certified installers.

The ANPI Certification Division certifies locksmiths according to S3 specifications.

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