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Published on 20 Feb 2023

Mons, Thursday 20 February 2003.
The fire in the 12-storey social housing building "Les Mésanges" claimed the lives of 7 people, including a 14-year-old child.
28 occupants suffered smoke inhalation and were hospitalised.
All floors were damaged by smoke and fire-fighting water.

20 years ago, ANPI condemned the following shortcomings:

  • inaccessibility of the building from the rear for the fire service ;
  • the absence of compartmentalisation in general, and of building regulations for internal and external stairwells, escape routes, etc;
  • the absence of "fire-retardant" quality for building components (except for the concrete framework), or "fire-resistant" quality for components such as compartments, wall penetrations, interior subdivisions and ducts..... for example the triplex walls in the WCs that close off the vertical duct and the pressed cardboard doors in the 2 ducts on the common landing;
  • the absence of requirements relating to equipment such as electrical installations, lighting, signage, annunciation, warning and alarm systems and fire extinguishing systems.

Read our article in ANPI Magazine No. 165, May 2003 (in French)
-  Incendie dans l'immeuble-tour Les Mésanges  - Bernard Delguste 


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