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Published on 03 May 2018

A hydrant is another name for hydrants, hydrants and hydrants. Hydrants are points where firefighters can connect to the water supply. They are indispensable to firefighters!
After all, the capacity of fire engines is limited and runs out in a few minutes.

Make sure they are easily accessible and clearly visible. Do not park against a hydrant or underground hydrant.
Make sure that hydrants are free of vegetation and that the cover plates of underground hydrants are not covered with dirt and grass.

So take care of the hydrants near you, they can save you and are not fountains! 

What do you know about hydrants?

Firemen help you in emergency situations.  Help them to get to the scene of a fire as quickly as possible:

  • Clear the roadways as their vehicles approach;
  • Do not block the way by double-parking;
  • Clearly and visibly indicate the number of the house;
  • Clear access to hydrants.

Text inspired by the new prevention campaigns Leefbrandveilig .be (in Dutch):

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