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Published on 29 Mar 2018

Save the date 23 April 2018!  ANPI organises a half-day study session "Waste: Fire hazard Protect your company"!

The Code for the Well-being at Work Book III, title 3 (ex Royal Decree of 28 March 2014 on fire prevention in the workplace) clearly puts the employer before his responsibilities. In the eyes of the law, he
is considered to be primarily responsible not only for setting up the infrastructure and organisation, but also for keeping it in good condition and functional.
of these. The economic impact is not to be neglected. A good manager cannot ignore the fact that a fire involving worthless objects such as waste can quickly degenerate into a business failure. Prevention and protection technologies are evolving and providing better solutions for waste risks.

Programme 23.04.2018 Déchets Danger d'incendie

This half-day event is part of the 2018 ANPI seminar programme. Our seminars are open to all - don't hesitate to register!
Stay tuned, more details in the next Fire & Security Alert Newsletters.


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