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Published on 29 Aug 2023

New VAS (Voice Alarm Systems) certification by BOSEC!

In order to extend the range of guarantees offered by the BOSEC quality mark, the BOSEC Brand Management Committee (BMBMC) has launched a new 'Services' certification for installers of VAS systems.

What is the purpose of BOSEC Services certification?

BOSEC Services certification is designed to guarantee the quality of fire protection installations specifically dedicated to this purpose. Although voluntary, the BOSEC mark is unanimously recognised in its field as the Belgian benchmark for quality by the insurance, industry, user and emergency services sectors.

This new facet therefore completes the existing range of certification for installers: fire detection, smoke and heat evacuation, tightening of fire-stop penetrations, gas extinguishing and water extinguishing.

Would you like to find out more? Click here to find out more (available in French and Dutch) !

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