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Published on 06 Jul 2017

The federal police crime statistics 2016 has this week proposed the new crime statistics.

This shows that the total registered crime drops for the fifth year in a row. A positive evolution. The different types of burglaries in buildings (homes, public buildings and businesses) falling. The biggest drop is on the housebreaking: a decrease of 17% compared to 2015. The decline is both houses and apartments. With 55,689 registered facts in 2016, the number of obviously still high and we will continue to work with us here in prevention policy. Also car theft has been since 2000 in a descending line, of 40,000 10,000 facts facts to less than a year. Pick-pocketing has dropped by 13%, and the number of facts since 2012 is almost halved to 23,279. However, less favour able figures other phenomena. Facts on ICT and internet common is an increase in the number of registered facts.

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