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Published on 10 Feb 2022

Tim Renders, author of 'Brandveiligheid Thuis', knows better than anyone how important it is to prevent house fires. To supplement the figures published in the recent 2020 report of the KCCE of the FPS Interior, he systematically listed all cases of domestic fires reported in the press in 2021.
In 2021, domestic fires in Belgium caused the death of 50 people.

  • 25 women, 24 men, (1 unknown);
  • 23 in Wallonia, 6 in Brussels and 21 in Flanders;
  • 35 at night or in the evening;
  • Youngest: 7 months pregnant;
  • The oldest: 92 years old;
  • The average age of the victims: 49 years. 

The 50 deaths occurred in 41 domestic fires.

  • 18 in Wallonia, 3 in Brussels, 20 in Flanders;
  • 25 of the 41 fires occurred in single-family dwellings.

Read a full report on the KCCE statistics and the fatal domestic fires by Tim Renders in the Fire & Security Magazine of March 2022.

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