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Published on 21 Sep 2022

The effectiveness of good compartmentalisation and fire-resistant doors was once again demonstrated during the fire that occurred on 16 September in a home for the elderly in Molenbeek.
The fire was limited to the victims' room (one death, one serious injury). The other occupants were able to return to their rooms after a medical examination.

"The compartmentalisation and fire doors of the building did their job perfectly, so that a general evacuation could be avoided", explained Walter Derieuw, spokesman of the Brussels fire brigade.

The quality and effectiveness of fire doors depends on :

  • the quality of the door - demand the BENOR ATG quality mark
  • the quality of the installation - use recognised installers
  • the good use of the equipment - do not block them in open position (except in case of automatic closing system linked to the fire detection)


  • Consult the List of BENOR ATG certified doors 
  • About the BENOR ATG certification

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