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Published on 14 Dec 2021

Every year, there are accidents, sometimes dramatic ones.
Firing off a few rockets is not just a game, and not everyone is a rocket scientist. 

If you want the night to sparkle with a thousand coloured stars and to resound with little bangs and big booms, read these recommendations carefully!

Fireworks cannot be used just anywhere and under any conditions: this is regulated! The legislation on fireworks has changed considerably in recent times. The local authorities are increasingly regulating the use of fireworks on their territory: their use can be free, authorised under conditions or even completely prohibited. It is therefore essential to contact the municipality where you plan to set off fireworks, even before buying your fireworks.
Don't buy just anything, from just anyone, or anywhere...

As the festive season approaches, the FPS Economy reminds you of the principles of safety and sales of fireworks.

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