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Published on 21 May 2021

The CEB BEC has just published the note T 015/2 "General requirements for intrusion alarm systems".

Axel Gérard and Ronny Nedergedaelt will present the new guidelines for INCERT "Building" alarm systems during a first ANPI webinar on 10 June 2021
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T 015/2 provides requirements for the design, commissioning, installation, acceptance, maintenance and servicing of intruder alarm systems. The purpose of these requirements is to enable designers to assess the security needs and design the intruder alarm system. These requirements will guide security contractors in the selection of equipment appropriate to the level of risk required and the environmental classes in which the equipment will operate. Note: It is assumed in these requirements that the execution of their provisions is entrusted to qualified and experienced persons. They also constitute a reference for specifiers (design offices, insurers' ), buyers and users of intrusion alarm systems.

The T 015-/2 is available from the CEB



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