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Published on 27 Aug 2018

This survey is part of the pre-normative research for the revision of NBN S 21-204 concerning fire safety in schools. The aim of the survey is to gather information that will allow us to propose correct measures for existing school buildings, both technically and organisationally.

This is an initiative of SIRRIS-Agoria as a sector operator for fire safety standardisation, the results of which will be processed only by Agoria.
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This survey is a research on fire safety based on statistical research with which Agoria processes the data in a very generic way, where neither schools (schools from all networks and from all over Belgium) nor school employees are identified. The employees cannot be identified because the scope of the survey is too large and because of the nature of the data processed by Agoria. We only ask for the function in order to be able to statistically process the expertise and approach of the respondent. The province was requested to check statistically whether there are significant geographical differences. Type of education and age group are related to fire risk.

At the end of the survey, participants can provide their e-mail address to receive a summary report as a thank you and/or to be informed about future fire safety activities. Agoria will respect the confidentiality and personal data of the participants in accordance with the current legislation on the protection of personal data (GDPR). Agoria will store this personal data in a separate database, separate from the survey to ensure the anonymity of the survey.

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