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Published on 12 Mar 2021

Do you leave your car for more than a week without running the engine?  No !

Do you have a sprinkler system? ... As with your car, don't forget to check the correct operation of the essential components in accordance with the maintenance programmes provided for in the standards.

For example, NBN EN12845(2020) requires a weekly test programme as shown below:

20.2.2 Weekly programme General
Each part of the weekly test shall be performed at intervals of not more than 7 days. Checks
The following items shall be checked and recorded:
(a) all water and air pressure gauge readings for installations, transport pipes and pressure vessels; 
Note: The pressure in air, reciprocating and pre-action plant pipes should not fall by more than 1.0 bar per week.
(b) all water levels in private elevated tanks, rivers, canals, lakes, water storage tanks (including pump priming water tanks and pressure vessels);
(c) the correct position of the main shut-off valves. Testing the hydraulic gong
Each hydraulic gong shall be tested by ringing for a minimum of 30 seconds. Start-up test of automatic pumps
The testing of automatic pumps shall include the following
(a) the fuel and lubricating oil levels of diesel engines shall be checked;
(b) the water pressure on the starting device shall be reduced, thus simulating the automatic starting condition;
(c) when the pump starts, the starting pressure shall be checked and recorded;
(d) the oil pressure of diesel engines shall be checked, as well as the cooling water flow in open cooling circuits. Restart test of diesel engines
Immediately after the pump start test of, the diesel engines shall be checked as follows
(a) the engine shall be run for 20 minutes or for the time recommended by the supplier. The engine shall then be stopped and restarted immediately using the manual start test button;
(b) the water level in the primary circuit of the loop cooling systems shall be checked.
Oil pressure (where pressure gauges are fitted), engine temperatures and coolant flow must be monitored throughout the test. Oil hoses must be checked and a general inspection carried out for fuel, coolant or exhaust leaks. Pipeline heating and district heating systems
Heating systems to prevent freezing in the sprinkler system should be checked for proper operation.

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