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Published on 13 Jul 2022

Holidaymakers are offered a wide choice of tourist accommodation... but what about fire prevention? A fire recently destroyed around sixty bungalows at a campsite in Grau du Roi, ruining the holidays of many campers. 

This is a good opportunity to remind holidaymakers and managers of a few basic tips for users and managers of campsites that cater for tents and passing caravans, as well as "glam campsites" or genuine fixed accommodation villages with bungalows, luxury tents, residential caravans, chalets and original cabins.

Customers (applicants) and managers of bed and breakfast and self-catering accommodation should not forget to consult the detailed fire prevention measures in DTD 178.

Read more : Tourist accommodation - Advice for holidaymakers and operators (in French: "Hébergements touristiques - Conseils aux vacanciers et exploitants | ANPI Prevention in motion")


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