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Published on 26 Oct 2022

Are you already a UKCA?

⚠ 14th November 2022 - Brexit: UKCA marking delayed by 2 years


We are pleased to announce you that we have an agreement with the BSI for the UKCA.

The BSI recognises the tests and audit reports produced by our Laboratories and Certification divisions.

To submit an application, the following documents are required:

  • the test report from the ANPI laboratories;
  • the last ANPI audit report (with the solution of possible non-conformities and the acceptance of corrective action plans if any);
  • the technical file of your product.

The BSI will examine the technical file thus compiled and, on this basis, will grant the UKCA certificate.
Thereafter, annual audits for the UKCA will be carried out by the BSI.

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