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Published on 24 Mar 2021

Whether it's a virus, a flood, a cyber attack, a fire or any other unforeseen event: as a business, you can't always control everything. But the continuity of business activities is crucial, whatever the circumstances. 
This observation prompted the FPS Economy to launch the Digital Reaction Plan campaign.
The aim is to help companies anticipate any type of potential incident that could cause major problems for business continuity.

Companies can carry out a free online quickscan to find out how prepared they are to deal with different incidents. 
A series of examples, sample documents and tips are provided to help them :

  • identify, analyse, assess and address risks
  • adopt a business continuity plan;
  • manage incidents;
  • communicate effectively.

Find out about your company's risk exposure ... and how to deal with it!

You will find several practical tools on

Source: SPF Economie, P.M.E., Classes Moyennes et Energie

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