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There is no limit to the inventiveness of the firefighting industry. New extinguishing concepts are regularly released on the market, and that's a really good thing.

However, there is no legislation imposing a minimum performance level for these new concepts. That's why it's fundamental for ANPI to be able to test the performance and reliability of these new products, so that professionals or end users can distinguish between the products and systems that are really effective and the ideas that are poorly executed, far-fetched or even deliberately misleading. BENOR or ANPI certification therefore continues to be the benchmark for guaranteeing performance.

We conduct tests using technical manuals developed on an ad hoc basis.  A good example is the fire-resistant dustbin, tested in accordance with the below specification. Another example is the vacuum sprinkler systems, which are now included in the "Sprinkler system" section of our website.

NTN 108 Certification of fire-resistant containers

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