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Using laboratory tests, we verify the reliability of the functions offered by the following components and systems:

Electronic protection

  • intrusion detection systems (EN 50131-1)
  • passive infra-red detectors, micro-wave detectors, ultrasonic detectors, combined detectors,
  • opening contacts (magnetic), glass break detectors, shock detectors (EN 50131-2-x, T014(A), T031, T033)
  • control and indicating equipment (central, IEC, EN 50131-3, T014(A), T031, T033)
  • sirens (EN 50131-4, T014(A), T031, T033)
  • radio components (EN 50131-5-3, T014(A), T031)
  • power supplies (EN 50131-6, T014(A), T031, T033)
  • alarm transmission systems (EN 50136-1)
  • alarm transceivers (EN 50131-10, EN 50136-2, -3, T014(A), T031, T033)

Mechanical protection

  • burglar-resistant doors and windows (EN 1627, EN 1628, EN 1629, EN 1630)

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