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The theft of vehicles, trailers, vessels or any other conveyances is a relatively common crime.

A detection and alarm system is not only used to discourage the thief but, above all, to sound an alarm in the event of vehicle theft. In addition to this simple alarm, some devices are used to immobilise the stolen vehicle or even to locate it.

Alarm systems are therefore an effective means of protection against theft. They must be CE marked in accordance with the EU's Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive for components installed in vehicles. However, this CE marking does not attest to the performance of the system. It only guarantees a minimum immunity level against electromagnetic disturbances, so that it can be sold in the European Union.

An effective detection and alarm system, along with safe immobilisation and geolocation in compliance with legislation, therefore involve the installation of products whose reliability is certified by INCERT, a voluntary seal of approval that attests to their quality.

The ANPI Certification Division issues certificates for vehicle protection systems, in accordance with the following CEB technical notes:

T 021A: Requirements for vehicle theft protection systems - IM & IA immobilisation systems.

T 021B: Requirements for vehicle theft protection systems - AL & IA alarm systems.

T 021C: Requirements for vehicle theft protection systems - Monitoring systems for TT vehicles.

T 021D: Requirements for vehicle theft protection systems - AT after-theft systems.

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