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Water spray extinguishing systems, also called deluge systems, have alternative systems in which the size of droplets is much smaller, forming a mist.The surface of water exposed to the fire is thus much larger, and is effective on certain types of fire (generators, engines, compressors, etc.) and in certain cases, for hotel rooms.

These systems are composed of a network of sized pipes, on which diffusers are mounted at prescribed distances. The pipe line network may be open or closed.

These systems are operated manually or via an automatic control device. In the latter case, the diffusers are activated by an automatic fire detection system.

The owner of a water spray extinguishing system may refer to one of the following regulations in its specifications:

NFPA 750: Standard on Water Mist Fire Protection Systems. Edition 2015.
EN 14972:Fixed firefighting systems - Watermist systems - Design and installation.

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