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Aerosol fire sprays are small containers with an extinguishing agent that is sprayed on small fires.
Their availability at a very low cost gives them a certain place in household fire protection.
However, they should not be confused with portable extinguishers.
Their very limited capacity means they can be used only on very small fires.

Unfortunately, sampling conducted by ANPI in recent years show that many aerosol fire sprays available on the market are of poor quality.
Many of them are ineffective or, worse yet, they actually fan the fire instead of extinguishing it.
There is no legislation imposing a minimum performance level for these devices.

This is why ANPI's certification of aerosol fire sprays remains the benchmark for guaranteeing extinguisher performance.

We perform tests on these products so that they can be certified in accordance with the following standards:

  • NF S 61-804 Fire extinguishing aerosols - Instructions, tests, mark
  • BS 6165  Specification for small disposable fire extinguishers of the aerosol type

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