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Smoke kills –  and heat and panicking during an evacuation kill as well. Every year, dozens of people lose their lives in a fire at their workplace, home, school or in a public place.

A fire detection and alarm system, along with an evacuation plan and good organisation, can warn building occupants as soon as a fire starts, help them evacuate the building calmly and guide them towards a safe location.

Effective detection and alarms require the installation of products whose reliability and compatibility are certified by BOSEC, a voluntary seal of approval that attests to their quality.

The mandatory step to certify an automatic detection product is to obtain a performance reliability certificate, also known as a CPR certificate, if the product is covered by a harmonised standard. The ANPI Certification Division is notified by the European Commission under number 1134 and accredited by BELAC to issue CE/CPR certificates for the majority of EN54 standards.

The ANPI Certification Division also provides BOSEC certification of automatic detection products on a voluntary basis.  BOSEC product certification is based on European standards and goes beyond them (periodic check of products, ISO9001 certification of the manufacturing facility, etc.).  It also guarantees that all product performance levels meet the strictest requirements.

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