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BOSEC is a voluntary certification mark which covers, among other things, installers of automatic fire detection, gas or hydraulic (sprinkler) extinguishers, and smoke and heat evacuation. It is delivered by the ANPI Certification Division, which is ISO/IEC 17065 -accredited by BELAC (003-PROD).

The BOSEC seal guarantees the reliability and quality of products (systems) and services. It not only covers the compliance of standards in force (international and/or national) but also compliance with additional quality criteria, which correspond to the needs of users and consumers.

Acquiring a good, certified fire protection system means:

Working with a trusted BOSEC-certified partner;

A professional design based on a risk analysis;

BOSEC-certified products which will remain reliable over time;

An installation carried out according to best practice;

A company offering quality services, even after the installation;

A certification scheme which includes supervision of certified products and installers.

The BOSEC mark brings undeniable proof that certified systems or services are compliant with the security, reliability, performance and quality criteria defined in the reference standard for the corresponding certification.

The BOSEC certification remains up to date

Nowadays, the quality requirements of products and services already meet high quality criteria. The Certification Committee, which develops requirements, constantly monitors technological updates,  while critically addressing them at a high quality level.

National and international recognition!

By manufacturers who are among the largest brands on the market, who have obtained the BOSEC seal for their fire protection products and systems.

By the acceptance of the BOSEC mark as an authorised importation brand by the (Civil Defence) authorities of the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iran, etc.

By the regular presence of the BOSEC mark and of ANPI, owner of the mark, at the largest national and international trade shows for fire protection and security (SECURA Brussels, NEW SECURITY Leuven, EXPO PROTECTION Paris, IFSEC London, INTERSEC Dubai, SECURITY Essen, etc.).

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