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BENOR is a quality label that is well known and recognised in Belgium.

The BENOR label for construction products responds to the market demand for an independent and reliable certification of the conformity of construction products with respect to technical standards and specifications and the specific ability to use these products. 
The BENOR label is managed and monitored by all the parties concerned: private and public clients, the producers of certified materials, developers, architects, insurers, design and project agencies,  collective research centres, inspection bodies and independent certification organisations, etc. BENOR provides the certainty that the building products supplied have undergone an in-depth in-house quality assurance check, supervised by an independent external inspection body.
A BENOR product enables the project manager to focus entirely on using the products supplied.

The quality of construction materials plays an essential role for the stability, safety and durability of building works. Material that is BENOR-certified offers all the guarantees required in this regard.

As a certification body, ANPI confirms the existence of a sufficient level of confidence in the following products based on a periodic external control:

  • Fire-door
  • Hose reel (fire hose)
  • Hydrant (fire hydrant)
  • Fire blanket
  • Fire-suppressant dustbin
  • Safe

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Specific rules for the certification of stock units

Specific technical rules from the mark BENOR fore certification of manual extinguishing means for fires than the extinguishers under pressure


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