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Guarantee of compliance

A priority for any good manager should be the constant concern with being within, or getting back up to, compliance with legislation. More specifically, any renovation project should be considered the ideal time to assess and ensure this compliance.

The current complexity of the legislation, its constant changes, its interpretations as well as its non-prescriptive approach based essentially on risk analysis, require the use of expert services.

The appearance of new technologies on the market makes it possible to consider the most suitable solutions that are still economically viable. The diversity of the different solutions requires an independent technical analysis, while guaranteeing complete commercial neutrality.

Independent expertise

Only a third-party expert on the matter, who is specialised in fire protection, with proven experience, can guarantee an optimal analysis of the existing risk.

With over 50 years of experience and with specific knowledge of Belgian legislation, ANPI is a leading specialist who is here to help you. 

In particular, our Type A inspection organisation is accredited by BELAC in a vast field of competence, both in fire protection and in theft protection, according to the very strict requirements of the international standard EN ISO IEC 17020.

Details of the ANPI Inspection Division accreditation scope

Signage, evacuation routes, warnings, alarms, detection, protection, special risks...these are just some of the many fields which may be the subject of compliance analysis and where we can offer you our expertise.

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