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Do you know the risk class of your fire-resistant compartments?   Is it class A (≤ 350 Mj/m²),
class B (>350 Mj/m² and ≤ 9000 Mj/m²) or class C (>900 Mj/m²)?

This classification has very important repercussions on fire protection requirements. In fact, Appendix 6 of the basic standards for industrial buildings details the following parameters, among other things:

•   fire resistance requirements for structural components;

•   maximum surfaces authorised for firewall compartments;

•   installation of smoke and heat evacuation systems;

•   characteristics of the automatic fire detection installation.

However, determining its classification can be challenging, considering the possible interpretations and what's at stake. The ANPI division offers a detailed calculation service to define which category is needed, without ambiguity. The report is accompanied by an Excel spreadsheet, which details the basis for the calculations and its correlation.  In the event of changes in the use of the premises or in storage type, the calculation sheet can be easily updated, and authorities may also assess the gap between the existing class and the higher or lower class.

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