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Project specifications are often unclear and likely to cause confusion.

They contain all sorts of information that is often contradictory and which doesn't take the real situation and applicable regulations into account. Often they aren't even based on common sense.

You come to realise that the specifications are not fit for purpose and don't provide the minimum amount of information you would expect.

In some cases, the specifications include pages upon pages of requirements that are already in the reference standards cited, which only creates additional confusion.

To help you in this area, ANPI can verify your project specifications and compile an assessment report on them, in order to reveal any weaknesses and/or needs for further information, so that the installation can be done to an optimum technical level and in compliance with the correct regulations.  This approach offers many benefits, providing concise specifications that include only the information that is strictly necessary from an engineering standpoint.  Specifications that are smaller but still full of quality requirements will be much more effective, are more likely to be followed to the letter and will guarantee that the installations are accepted in accordance with the strictest quality requirements.

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