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Fires caused by overheating remain a significant risk in electrical cabinets and computer cabinets.

Industrial kitchen fires pose a significant risk in food vans, snack bars, fast food restaurants and in cafeteria kitchens.

Boiler fires remain a significant risk in hotels, schools and also in private homes.

Fixed extinguishing modules based on a gas extinguisher connected to an ejector and an automatic activation device, or a fixed extinguishing module based on a condensed aerosol agent, can be an effective means of fighting such fires.

However, there is no legislation imposing a minimum performance level for these extinguisher modules.

That is why ANPI certification of these modules remains the benchmark for guaranteeing extinguisher performance.

The ANPI Certification Division certifies fire extinguishing modules intended to extinguish the start of a fire caused by:

  • An electrical or computer cabinet according to technical note ANPI NTN 128
  • An industrial fryer according to technical note ANPI NTN113
  • A liquid fuel furnace burner according to technical note ANPI NTN112


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