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Fires caused by overheating remain a high risk in electrical cabinets and computer cabinets.

Fixed extinguishing modules based on a gas extinguisher connected to an ejector and to an automatic activation device, or a fixed extinguishing module based on a condensed aerosol agent, can be an effective means of fighting such fires.

There is no legislation imposing a minimum performance level for these extinguisher modules. This is why ANPI certification of these modules remains the benchmark for guaranteeing extinguisher performance.

We perform tests on these modules so that they can be certified in accordance with the below specifications.

NTN 128 L Automatic extinguishing systems for electrical cabinets and computer cabinets – Part L: Requirements and laboratory tests

CEN/TR 15276-1 Fixed firefighting systems - Condensed aerosol extinguishing systems - Part 1: Requirements and test methods for components

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