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Deep-fat fryer fires pose a significant risk in homes and also in commercial kitchens.
All it takes is a defective thermostat on the electric fryer for the oil temperature to reach ignition point...
and as everyone knows...or should know...throwing water on such a fire can lead to a catastrophe.

Fire blankets can be an effective firefighting technique for this kind of fire.

Unfortunately, sampling conducted on several occasions by ANPI in recent years show that the blankets commonly found on the market are of poor quality. Many of them catch fire when placed on a burning fryer.

There is no legislation imposing a minimum performance level for these blankets.
Some even have a CE logo: but this marking does not attest to performance at all, and is even illegal since the CE directive does not cover these products.

This is why BENOR's certification of fire blankets remains the benchmark for guaranteeing extinguisher performance.

We perform tests on blankets so that they can be certified in accordance with the following standards and specifications.

  • NBN EN 1869  Fire blankets
  • NTN 148 L Certification of fire blankets

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