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Hot work? Not without a fire permit!

The fire permit is a form that has to be filled in jointly by the different parties involved in hot work, with the aim of preventing the risks of fire and explosion.
Nobody should begin work involving an open fire, a naked flame or a hot point without having first received the order and authorisation, except in the case of work inherent to the normal activity of the company and carried out on premises which have been specially designed and consistently assigned for such work.
The use of a fire permit applies to work conducted by an internal operator or by a third-party firm.

Is it compulsory?

The Belgian legislation requires a risk analysis to be carried out before the commencement of any temporary work presenting a risk, and the fire permit allows the required exchange of information.
The use of the ANPI fire permit facilitates compliance with the specific risk analysis required by the Royal Decree of 28 March 2014 concerning fire prevention in the workplace.
The use of the fire permit is also required by the general contractual conditions of insurance companies.

The forms are available in French and Dutch.
The forms are sold  in booklets of 50 copies.

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