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Like the visual inspection, the functional inspection is a non-exhaustive task which should only be conducted for specific reasons and is insufficient to demonstrate the compliance of the installation. It is reserved for very specific and justified cases.

This type of report should not be accepted by authorities (SRI, insurers, etc.) because in most cases, it hides nonconformities which may have serious consequences on the safety of people or response teams during operation.  It is clear that finding that the equipment works correctly does not mean that it will be effective in its operation (e.g. detecting smoke in a room); but rather that it reacts properly to the physical parameter for which it was designed.  To be clear, if one detector is installed when the standard requires 5, then the system is non-compliant, but the functional inspection will still lead to a positive report.  

In light of the interpretation notice on the Royal Decree of 28 March 2014, this type of report does not meet the legal requirements, because, if a standard exists for a given usage type, it must be followed.

A special text shall be added to the report:

"In view of the different tests and verifications as described in this document, we can conclude that on the day of the inspection, the installation was (not) in good operational condition. However, we do not make any judgement about the design, proper surveillance/protection or compliance with the applicable reference standard. We invite you to conduct a more extensive inspection of these aspects, which are essential for the safety of people and response teams.”

It shall be clearly mentioned in the report that the check is incomplete, because the design and compliance aspects were not verified.

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