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Hose reels (fire hose cabinets) can be commonly found in workplaces, schools, hotels and other public places. Their ease of use and their immediate availability have made them so popular.

Good protection using hose reels requires the installation of products whose reliability is certified by BENOR, a voluntary seal of approval that attests to their quality.

The ANPI Certification Division provides CE-CPR certification, under Notified Body 1134, for fire hose cabinets, according to the requirements of the NBN EN 671-1 and NBN EN 671-2 standards. This certification guarantees the legal minimum requirements for the market release of products in accordance with European construction product regulations (CE-CPR).

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In addition to European requirements, the ANPI Certification Division provides BENOR certification in accordance with technical note ANPI NTN 131, in addition to European standards.  Satisfying this NTN standard gives the product the BENOR mark, a seal of quality recognised throughout Belgium.

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