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Hose reels (fire hose cabinets) can be commonly found in workplaces, schools, hotels, and other public places.
Their ease of use and their immediate availability have made them so popular.

Good fire protection using hose reels requires the installation of products whose reliability is certified by BENOR,
a voluntary seal of approval that attests to their quality.

We conduct tests on these products to be certified by BENOR in accordance with the standards and specifications below.

Our tests also guarantee minimum legal requirements for the release of products in accordance with European construction product regulations (CE-CPR).

  • NBN EN 671-1  Fixed firefighting systems - Hose systems - Part 1: Hose reels with semi-rigid hose
  • NBN EN 671-2  Fixed firefighting systems - Hose systems - Part 2: Hose systems with lay-flat hose
  • NBN EN 694 Firefighting hoses - Semi-rigid hoses for fixed systems
  • NTN 131 Supplementary instructions for fire hose cabinets

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