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A system which currently only exists in the Netherlands is to conduct an inspection according to an inspection scheme, issued by a scheme manager "schemabeheerder" that is recognised by the authorities.

In general, this scheme is very detailed and includes a series of requirements to be met by the accredited body, such as ANPI, in their inspection, for the fields and types of activity concerned.

There are different inspection schemes, from the assessment of the specifications "Basis Ontwerp" and the study of designs and calculation notes "Detail Ontwerp", all the way through to installation acceptance testing "Initiële Inspectie", and also including mandatory periodic inspections "vervolg inspectie".

If the installation is compliant, the requester receives an "inspection certificate" with a limited period of validity.

This certificate is generally required by local authorities (fire departments, official institutions, etc.) in order to authorise site operations.
The ANPI Inspection Division is accredited by BELAC, in accordance with NBN EN ISO IEC 17020,  for inspection under accreditation according to the above schemes.

Details of the ANPI Inspection Division accreditation scope (in French):


Further information about scheme managers can be found on the Dutch Centre for Crime Prevention and Safety website (in Dutch):

More informations on Accreditation and licences in the Netherlands


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