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Verifying that your installations comply with the applicable legal inspection requirements should be your top priority! These requirements may also vary according to the region in which the building or operation is located.

Whether you are an owner, operator, installer, company manager or even an individual, not complying with these legal requirements means exposing yourself to civil liability if a problem arises. The ANPI Inspection Division may use the activity's applicable legal requirements as its inspection reference standard.

More details are available in a technical file in the Information and Subscriber space:

ANPI DTD 159: Fire protection equipment. The 4 stages of reliability: acceptance testing, verification, maintenance and inspection.  Summary of the main requirements.

In the field of intrusion protection, there are various legal requirements to comply with (Tobback Act, Royal Orders, etc.) depending on the site or business activity (ammunition storage, security company, monitoring stations, security guard stations, etc.).

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