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Published on 05 Jul 2021

Notification: 2021/430/B Basic standards

The FPS Interior has submitted to the European authorities a draft decree amending the Royal Decree of 7 July 1994 laying down the basic standards for the prevention of fire and explosions that buildings must meet. The other Member States have until 8 October to react.
Although it is a draft - not yet in force - the following are the main elements that will be introduced in the new version of the basic standards.

  • New provisions for parking areas (car parks) ;
  • New provisions on the fire behaviour of facades;
  • Changes concerning boiler rooms, especially fuel bunkers and chimneys.

Other changes concern lifts, doors, roofs, wooden terraces, distance between facades, suspended ceilings, duplexes and triplexes, internal staircases, exit routes, emergency exits to an evacuation level, distance between staircases, technical rooms and fire-fighting equipment.

The 54-page draft is available at :


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