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Published on 04 Mar 2021

Climate change: freezing temperatures block sprinkler operation in a country classified as "warm humid subtropical with no dry season".

The consequences of the cold snap that swept across the US from 14 to 18 February 2021 were unexpected in Texas. The Hilton Garden Hotel in Killeen was completely destroyed by fire despite its sprinkler system, which had been taken out of service due to a lack of water in the deeply frozen pipes.

While the news made the buzz in this region rarely confronted with cold and frost, it is an opportunity for us to remind you that the risk of "freezing" must be considered during the preliminary analysis and design of your sprinkler installation.
The critical temperature according to the dedicated standards is 4°C.

Sprinkler installations are really very effective against fire, provided that the steps of a quality inspection are not overlooked:
1°) Approval of the classification ;
2°) Approval of plans and calculation notes;
3°) The initial inspection attesting to compliance with the standard;
4°) Bi-annual periodic inspections attesting to continued compliance. 

When you call on ANPI's INSPECTION division, you can expect a sprinkler installation that is relevant and in line with its environment.

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