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Published on 13 Sep 2019

Why close a door and which door is it?

All interior doors in your home have a role to play in your fire safety.
A closed door delays the spread of smoke in your home for a period of time while you reach safety and evacuate.
In this way, the smoke will be confined to the burning room and the parts of the escape route to the outside will remain clear for longer.

What to do if the escape route is already smoky? Close as many doors as possible between you and the fire.
Always close the door of the room you are in and make yourself known (call for help, go to the window, etc.).

Remember, smoke kills! If necessary, crouch under the smoke layer at ground level to evacuate or to wait for help.

For your safety, install smoke detectors and get into the habit of closing bedroom doors before going to bed!
As the signal from a smoke detector can be attenuated by doors, don't hesitate to install more than one or to connect them in a network.

A well-prepared and practised escape plan is part of the package of measures that should enable a safe evacuation.

Don't forget!
When you sleep your nezzzz sleeps too! - Close your interior doors every night!

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