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Published on 07 Jul 2020

The Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB) communicates :

Invoice fraud among companies is not a new phenomenon, but recently, the operational service of the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB), has been receiving an increased number of reports of this extortion scheme. The CCB is also alerting companies to remain vigilant when making payments.

Invoice fraud is a form of extortion in which cybercriminals change the account numbers of fixed suppliers. The cybercriminals impersonate a supplier and ask an employee in the finance or accounting department to change the account number and make payments. The employee may not notice that the request is not coming from the supplier and may actually make the payments into the criminals' account.

"It seems that cybercriminals always try their luck more during the holiday period. They count on a weakening of vigilance on the part of employees during the summer months or hope that a replacement will be less aware of the procedures in force."

Miguel De Bruycker, Director Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium

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