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Published on 17 Nov 2023

The European Smoke Alarm Day

The European Smoke Alarm Day takes place on Friday 17th November 2023 as part of the program of activities for the European Fire Safety Week.

Approximately 5,000 people die from fire in Europe annually. Most of these deaths occur in domestic properties. This figure could be reduced if people installed smoke alarms in their homes. In many countries in Europe there is a legal obligation on homeowners to install smoke alarms.

Scientific evidence shows that fire deaths have consistently declined in countries where smoke alarm ownership has increased. However the message is not to get complacent. More needs to be done! Fire deaths are still too high!

ANPI recommends the use of certified fire protection products to ensure the safety of everyone, wherever necessary or required.

Choosing a certified smoke detector bearing the BOSEC label means choosing a product whose quality and reliability have been tested.

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