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Published on 01 Feb 2023

In Belgium, one person dies every week as a result of a house fire!
In 2022, there were at least 76 casualties from house fires in Belgium. This figure is significantly higher than in 2021. There were at least twice as many victims of fatal house fires in 2022.
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This data published by the non-profit association OSCARE can only make us think. Let us repeat: "Home smoke alarms are indispensable and save lives”.

The Oscare association wants to offer burn victims easy access and the widest possible range of out-of-hospital care. Besides this priority objective, Oscare wants to act upstream and prevent burns and fires by raising public awareness; publishing statistics is part of this.

Data sometimes incomplete, different sources sometimes divergent

In Belgium, we currently have no detailed official statistics on victims of domestic fires.
Two private sources attempt to fill this gap, but in the absence of a common sampling method, the figures sometimes differ. To avoid sterile discussions about possible minor discrepancies, ANPI has chosen to publish them separately.

Prevention tips

  • Domestic Smoke Alarms | ANPI
  • The detailed statistical tables and Tim Renders' analysis will appear in the March 2023 issue of Fire & Security Alert Magazine (in French and Dutch).

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