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Published on 12 Oct 2021

The UK Home Office has published a briefing note outlining the progress of the 46 recommendations made by the Grenfell Inquiry.

Most of them involve changes to legislation. The following two points will be included in the High Buildings Regulations in the near future:

  • Competent person in charge of information in the building
  • Checking fire doors
  • The fire service is also involved: 
  • Training of staff on "facade" risks - ¼ of the emergency services staff is trained.
  • Access to the electronic plans of high buildings during intervention - 14% of the services have access to them.
  • Immediate or deferred evacuation procedure ("stay put") - Study is underway.
  • Implementation of evacuation procedures for residents who cannot evacuate by their own means - Consultation underway.
  • Provision of evacuation bonnets - 2/3 of fire services have them.

Fire Protection Association (UK)

Sources :

  •  Progress on Grenfell recommendations is patchy, update reveals


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