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Published on 06 Nov 2020

At night, the staff teams in care homes are particularly small. Therefore, in the event of a fire, they cannot both tackle the fire and evacuate the many bedridden, disabled or handicapped residents who need help.  The use of a hydraulic sprinkler system seems to be the most effective way of limiting or even extinguishing a fire while waiting for the fire brigade and emergency personnel.

A report by Tapio Stén concludes that water mist and sprinkler systems are effective in preventing fire-related deaths among people with reduced mobility. In the fires examined in this report, the extinguishing system functioned as intended, preventing the occurrence of life-threatening conditions for the occupants.

ANPI also supports the installation of residential sprinklers in such facilities.

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Automatic water extinguishing systems can save residents and staff at care facilities in the event of fire


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