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Published on 16 Jul 2021

ANPI regularly communicates the information and guidelines of the "Fire" and "Theft" Commissions of the CFPA-E Europe (Confederation for fire protection Europe).

The working group dedicated to natural hazards shares 2 files dedicated to floods.
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Courage to all citizens affected by the bad weather and catastrophic floods of the last few days.

CFPA E Guideline No 1 2012
Protection against flood

Potential risk and loss experience
Risk assessment and management
Objectives strategies and protection plan
Protection measures
Model emergency plan (Who does what, when, where and how?)

 CFPA E Guideline No 7 2018 N
Demountable / Mobile flood protection systems

Contents :
Examples of available systems
Functional characteristics as criteraia for selection of systems
Operational experiences
Quality assurance measures their assessment
Declaration of the manufacturer
Operating precautions for proper use
Functional characteristics of sandbag systems (of jute or plastics)




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